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Itzik Marko is a highly acclaimed mentalist, performing on stages worldwide including the US, Canada, Europe, and in his home country, Israel.

In his shows Itzik exhibits several unique capabilities such as exceptional memory, remarkable influence abilities, extraordinary guided imagery sessions, reading body language and more.

His shows are entertaining, experiential, full of humor, and most importantly highly interactive.

*Performances are available in both English and Hebrew.

Stage Shows

Over the past decade, Itzik has performed at over 1,000 stage shows and hundreds of private and corporate events. 

From seminars filled with the world’s brightest minds to small family gatherings, Itzik has the unique ability to take each of his audience members on a personal journey filled with fun and amazement. 

Some of the most loved skills that Itzik will show you include how to solve 4 Rubik’s Cubes in less than 1 minute, how to memorize a whole book, how he knows which playing card you’ll choose EVERY time, how he knows who’s lying to him, how to change the taste in your mouth and more!

איציק מרקו אמן חושים בהופעה על הבמה
איציק מרקו במופע שוטטות

Strolling Magic

Take your guests on a journey into the world of mentalism as Itzik dazzles and delights them with his extraordinary mental abilities.

Using the techniques of strolling magic, otherwise known as ‘close-up magic,’ Itzik will form intimate groups to allow your guests to see him perform magic right in front of their eyes, and sometimes even on them! 

With his charming personality and a never-ending bag of tricks, Itzik is sure to give each one of your guests a night to remember.

Corporate Events

Looking for an unforgettable evening of surprises and on-brand entertainment? 

Itzik is here to combine the art of mentalism with his extensive experience in creating a message-driven performance for your next event.

To design a show just right for your business, Itzik will personally work with you to understand your brand, values, marketing messages, and goals for the event. This tailor-made approach means that your guests will witness a unique show and hear the message that YOU want to send them in a fun and exciting way.

At the event, you will see Itzik interacting with your guests, delighting them with magic and mentalism while cultivating brand awareness. 

Are you ready to 10x your next corporate event?

איציק מרקו בכנס מקצועי ואירוע קדמ
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Email: ItzikMarko@gmail.com
Phone: +972-507532515

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